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That's a Wrap!!

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Christmas is over and 2023 has arrived!!

November and December is always a whirlwind for Pure Joy Designs. It is definitely our busiest time of year and 2022 was no exception.

Only 2 months before the Christmas rush, I decided to expand my little business by investing in a laser cutter. It was a struggle to get set up and creating in time for the Christmas shopping but we did it!

I am so in love with my new products and think they looked fantastic on the tree. The pet silhouette were extremely popular. I, of course created many of my products from last year's range. In particular the glitter glass baubles. Although I did experiment with new designs for these too.

The Santa Cam baubles were my favourite and worked a treat getting the kids into the bath and into bed on time. Unfortunately I think I have over used the Santa Cam and will need to come up with something else now Christmas is over and the tree will be coming down soon.

Having two young children (one aged 4 and the other 1) made Christmas so much more exciting this year, and my products were definitely inspired by them. Last year I made vinyl stickers for Christmas Eve boxes and this year I added to the Christmas Eve magic with the Santa board. I even went one step further and designed Santa boot stencils to create snowy Santa foot prints. Warning: this was very messy!!

2022 was also the first year they Pure Joy Design has a stall at a Christmas fairs. I absolutely loved getting out of HQ as meeting customers face to face. I will definitely be looking at local fairs this year. I went to a local Christmas fair at Cheswick Boston Tea Party in Bristol. It was very convenient as walking distance. This resulted in a lot more local order so I could avoid the Royal Mail postal strike delays.

Pure Joy Designs would not be possible without the support of all my customers. Thank you so much. It's not just buying the products, but liking and sharing on social media that makes a huge difference. As a small business I do really appreciate it.

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