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How To Apply Vinyl Labels

Updated: Jan 17

I absolutely love organisation. Taking everything out of a drawer or wardrobe, getting rid of things I don't use and then putting it all back so it is neat and easy find everything. I also can't resist adding a label.

Once you have received your label, please apply as soon as possible

1. Clean application area and allow to dry fully

2. Use credit card to rub over the label to ensure it is stuck to the transfer paper.

3. Carefully remove white backing paper ensuring the full label is stuck to the clear transfer paper. Vinyl may be difficult to get onto transfer paper so fold backing white paper on itself. (see video on my website)

4. Align label sticky side down on to your required surface.

5. Use credit card to rub over the label to ensure it adheres to the surface.

6. Slowly remove the clear transfer paper from the label.

Not suitable for microwave or dishwasher use. Do not scrub or soak for a long time.

Check out some example of some of our projects >>>

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