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Pure Joy Chronicles: From Chaos to Custom Creations

Hey there, fabulous readers! I'm Lauren, your friendly neighbourhood chaos-tamer, label enthusiast, and proud owner of Pure Joy Designs. Join me on this rollercoaster ride of juggling young kids, not taking life and myself to seriously, sipping cocktails, and turning chaos into pure joy!

Lockdown 1, like many of us, brought out the organiser in me. With Netflix as my virtual guru, I became a home organisation addict. Cupboards, wardrobes, and drawers fell under my meticulous reign, all thanks to the magic of vinyl labels. Who knew a tidy home could be so therapeutic? Clean home, clear mind - my mantra!

Originally from Rayleigh, Essex, I packed my bags and moved to Bristol in 2012. Happily married in 2017 and then my peaceful life was turned upside down when I became a mum (I wouldn’t have it any other way). I am the proud mummy of a pink loving 5-year-old princess who dances her way from life and 3-year-old hurricane. He comes into every room like a wrecking ball. Trust me; two tiny humans can create a whirlwind of chaos that rivals any TV drama.

But fear not, fellow warriors of domestic disorder! I didn't just survive; I thrived. Inspired by the decluttering shows that became my guilty pleasure, I launched Pure Joy Designs in 2020. Because let's face it, if I could bring order to my chaotic abode, I could certainly do the same for yours!

Life threw me a curveball in the form of subglottic stenosis, a rare condition that affects my breathing. But you know what? I refuse to let it be the director of my life's movie. I share this not for sympathy, but to connect with those who might be facing their own battles. If you're navigating through the whirlwind of a rare condition or any health challenge, remember you're not alone. Let's inspire each other to keep dancing, breathing, and living.

With a degree in Event Management and International Hospitality from the University of Gloucestershire, my pre-mom life was a whirlwind of events across the UK, particularly in London and Bristol. Fast forward to today, and my focus has shifted to tiny tots and turning their chaos into creativity.

When I'm not wielding my label maker or immersed in design projects, you'll find me sipping cocktails and socialising with family and friends. Traveling is another passion, and I'm always on the lookout for new places to explore and memories to create.

I am looking forward to creating more content on my family life and help other parents with ideas on activities and trips to keep the kids out of trouble and learning just for fun.

Pure Joy Designs isn't just about labels; it's a haven for all your design dreams. From laser-cut gifts to 3D-printed wonders, children's activities to personalised goodies, I've got you covered. It's not about me; it's about you and your unique needs. Let's embark on this creative journey together, where I turn your design dreams into a vibrant reality.

So, if you're ready to transform chaos into custom creations, join me on this adventure called life. Drop me a message, and let's make your space a Pure Joy haven! Cheers to organised chaos and the beauty of personalized design! 🌈✨

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