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Wooden Children's Paint Sets

Wooden Children's Paint Sets


Introducing our delightful wooden painting sets, designed to keep kids of all ages happily engaged and creative! These sets are perfect for various occasions, including half-term activities, birthday parties, or simply for some enjoyable and artistic fun.


Each set includes a paintbrush, 6 vibrant paint colors, and a selection of wooden objects ready to be transformed into beautiful works of art. We offer two different colour palettes to choose from, allowing kids to explore their creativity and experiment with different combinations.


Not only do our painting sets provide a fun and engaging activity, but they also encourage imagination and artistic expression. Kids can choose from our list of pre-selected wooden objects to paint or even create their own designs. The possibilities are endless!


These sets are an excellent way for children to develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and colour recognition while having a blast. The finished painted objects can be proudly displayed or used as unique decorations.


Whether you're planning a group activity or simply looking for an entertaining way to keep your kids occupied, our wooden painting sets are sure to bring joy and creativity to their day. Watch as their imaginations soar and their artistic skills flourish with these engaging and fun-filled sets!

Delivery times vary depending on items. This is due to design and creating times. Please allow up to 14 days for items to be dispatched.

Pure Joy cannot be response for delivery times once items have been despatched. 

Delivery Times

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