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Personalised Name Puzzle

Personalised Name Puzzle


Unlock the magic of learning with our Personalised Wooden Name Puzzle! Measuring at a substantial 6mm x 25cm x 9cm, this puzzle is more than just an educational tool; it's a fun and engaging adventure for young learners.

Each letter in this captivating puzzle is meticulously hand-painted, adding a delightful touch of craftsmanship to the learning experience. But what truly sets our name puzzle apart is the power of personalisation. You have the freedom to customise it with your child's very own name. Imagine the joy on their face as they see their name come to life in vibrant colours and beautifully crafted letters, each approximately 5cm high. These generously sized letters are designed with little hands in mind, making it easy for your child to grasp and explore the world of letters and words.

Learning to spell and recognize their own name has never been more exciting! Invest in their future and foster a love for language with our Personalised Wooden Name Puzzle, where learning and fun go hand in hand.

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Delivery times vary depending on items. This is due to design and creating times. Please allow up to 14 days for items to be dispatched.

Pure Joy cannot be response for delivery times once items have been despatched. 

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